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Her Son’s Eating Issues Were Keeping Her Up At Night Until She Found This 100% Organic Digestion Solution

Kim is a typical western US mother of 3. She’s a full-time homemaker and spends most of her days giving loving attention to her sons.

Recently she struggled with getting her oldest son to eat enough. He frequently complained of stomach problems and didn’t enjoy eating like he used to. Kim found his behavior concerning, and tried several different ways to try to get him to eat.

“I prepared meals in the morning that he would only swallow if I threatened to punish him by taking away his cell phone.” she told us.

The issue became serious when on multiple occasions the school called home to let Kim know that her 15-year-old son was too ill to continue in class. The doctors couldn’t find anything particularly wrong with him, and simply told him to eat a healthy diet.

Shortly after this series of stomach illness episodes at school, Kim came across something totally revolutionary in children’s nutrition.

In Kim’s own words: “It’s called Zoganic. I ordered the Pineapple flavored one and now my son drinks it every morning. Ever since he began drinking it, there hasn’t been a single episode of stomach illness. He still gives me trouble in trying to to eat sometimes, but I’m less concerned now. Just one drink per day of a Zoganic packet has prevented who knows how many more stomach sickness days.”

The founder of Zoganic is named Zev and his story of how the product was inspired was similar to Kim’s, although much more dramatic.

“My daughter was treated at multiple hospitals and the doctors could not find what was wrong with her. She was too young to take the pills they wanted her to swallow too I couldn’t bear the sight of seeing my daughter suffer like that. I had to do something.” Zev said. “So I created Zoganic as a 100% organic drink solution so that even small children or people who hate pills could get the nutritional benefits. This is how my daughter eventually healed.”

Zoganic is a all natural powder that is not only certified organic and GMO free, it’s also kosher and made in the USA. The ingredients inside Zoganic drink packets are proven to help maintain low blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and eyesight, and supplements the stomach with probiotics for good bowel health.

The supplement drink recently gained a lot of popularity, after it was featured on TV.

Not long after appearing on TV, Zoganic also gained endorsements from respected health professionals.


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