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10 DIY Projects That Boost Home Value

Everyone loves a good DIY project (well, maybe not everyone), but sometimes doing it yourself can take a toll on the value of your home. Before you start your next DIY project, you should ask yourself one question. Is what you are doing going to increase or decrease...
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Can Snoring Kill You? New Findings May Surprise You

Eight hours of restful sleep is a pipe dream for many people. Sometimes it’s because we have busy schedules, different work hours, or even too much late-night internet. However, for many people, it’s not as simple as staying up too late. Some people are tired all the time,...
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Should You Carry Collision Insurance?

Let’s talk about collision insurance for a moment, because “should I have collision insurance” is a question people often ask when they are buying car insurance. Or if one does have collision insurance on a car, how long should they keep the collision insurance? What Is Collision Insurance?...
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Scholarship Sources for Trades Training

The cost of four-year bachelor degrees is constantly on the rise, while job prospects for a liberal arts education seem to be constantly falling. This trend has prompted many people to consider an education and a career in the trades instead. While trade schools are a great alternative...
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Why this Little Critter Might Just Save Your Life

Heart disease will be responsible for one out of every three deaths in American this year. It’s a startling statistic that should concern anyone out of their teenage years. It doesn’t have to be that way, because the most common cause of heart disease is high cholesterol, and...
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